Director of the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau Shao Qing made a guest appearance on the "Suzhou City Hall" program to talk about the three-year action plan to protect and update the ancient city

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Director of the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau Shao Qing made a guest appearance on the "Suzhou City Hall" program to talk about the three-year action plan to protect and update the ancient city

A few days ago, "Building a Better Life in the Sioux City Chamber" broadcast the special program "Three-year Action Plan for the Protection and Renewal of the Ancient City". Shao Qing, director of the Suzhou Municipal Construction Bureau, Ge Xin, deputy director of the Municipal Assets Regulatory Bureau, and deputy director of the Urban Management Bureau Director Xu Chunming and Zhu Yidong, vice chairman of the CPPCC CPPCC and deputy director of the District Construction Committee, talked about the three-year action plan for protecting and updating the ancient city.

How to protect the ancient city? How to achieve urban renewal and development?2020年)》。 Our city actively implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Jiangsu's important speech, and formulated and issued the "Three-year Action Plan for the Protection and Renewal of the Ancient City ( 2018-2020 )". The plan clearly pointed out that through three years of efforts to solve the key and difficult issues of the protection and renovation of the ancient city, further promote the Suzhou city spirit, and promote high-level and high-standard protection of the ancient city at a new starting point through the innovation of ideas, mechanisms, methods and measures. Update.

2020年)》,今年我市将进一步树立法治思维,健全古城古镇保护与更新法制体系;坚持规划引领,彰显古城古镇保护与更新设计特色;传承历史文脉,深化古城古镇保护与更新建设内涵;加强环境整治,提升古城古镇保护与更新管理水平。 According to the "Three-year Action Plan for the Protection and Renewal of the Ancient City ( 2018-2020 )", this year, our city will further establish the thinking of legislative governance and improve the legal system for the protection and renewal of the ancient towns; adhere to the planning and guidance, and highlight the design and protection features of the ancient towns. The historical context will deepen the connotation of the protection and renewal of the ancient city and the ancient town; strengthen the environmental improvement, and improve the management level of the protection and renewal of the ancient city and ancient town.

The old house of the elements of the ancient city:

More detailed census of traditional houses

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活着的古城,古城内传统民居面广量大。 Suzhou is an " alive " ancient city with a large number of traditional houses. However, at present, many old residential houses in the ancient city are generally small in area, large in number, high in density, low in floor, poor in lighting, dark and wet, and have poor thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, which are difficult to meet the needs of modern life. demand. How to improve the happiness and gain of these residents? 三年行动计划中,对苏州古城的历史建筑、古街、古井的保护都有具体的举措。 In the " Three-year Action Plan " , there are specific measures for the protection of historic buildings, ancient streets and ancient wells in the ancient city of Suzhou.

According to Shao Qing, director of the Suzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, there are a large number of historical buildings in the ancient city of Suzhou, and these buildings have become one of the most basic elements of the ancient city. 多万平方米的民居建筑承担着居住功能。 Among the many buildings, more than 2 million square meters of residential buildings bear residential functions. 所以,在'三年行动计划'中有一个任务,将对大量的传统民居进行更细类的普查。 " So there is a task in the ' three-year action plan ' that will conduct a more detailed census of a large number of traditional houses. "

It is reported that this year, Suzhou City will continue to promote the census of historical buildings, announce and list the second batch of historical buildings; protect and repair five or so ancient houses and traditional houses, and complete the third phase of Pan Zuyin ’s former residence and Baita West Road. Home repairs. At the same time, the historical heritage in the form of former residences of celebrities will be further censused and included in the protection list. On this basis, the protection and repair will be carried out year by year in the form of a one-family plan to promote protection, promote conservation and renewal, and make traditional residential buildings truly authentic. Realized for the people.

To protect the style of the ancient city and improve the living conditions of the masses, planning is a very important link. 三年行动计划要求,今年古城保护示范工程(平江片区),将按照苏式居住全域旅游功能定位加快工程进度,将历史文化街区、古建老宅、历史文物等连成一片,形成大景区格局,兼顾保护更新,创新体制机制,探索分类管理,实现整体提升,将平江片区打造成古城保护的试验田和样板区,在保护的主体责任、实施内容、资金投入、政策法规、运营管理等方面形成一套可复制推广的模式。 According to the requirements of the " Three-Year Action Plan " , this year's ancient city protection demonstration project (Pingjiang area) will accelerate the progress of the project in accordance with the functions of " Soviet-style residence " and " global tourism " , and will include historical and cultural blocks, ancient houses, historical relics, etc. Connected to form a " big scenic spot " pattern, taking into account protection and renewal, innovating institutional mechanisms, exploring classification management, and achieving overall improvement. The Pingjiang area has been established as a test field and model area for the protection of ancient cities. Investment, policies and regulations, operation management, etc. form a set of replicable promotion models.

The old streets of the ancient city elements:

Continue to promote the renovation of overhead lines and access to the ground

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灰色垃圾The old streets are an important part of the ancient city, and the urban overhead lines are the " grey garbage " in the old streets. 颜值 、改善市民居住环境的重要抓手之一。 Therefore, strengthening the overhaul of the overhead line, orderly pushing the overhead line into the ground, fully integrating the above-ground and underground resources, and rationally utilizing the urban space have become adaptable to the new situation of urban development, ensuring the safety of urban operation, enhancing the " face value " of the image of the ancient city, and improving citizens' living One of the key players in the environment.

Since last year, the city has started the overhead line renovation and land entry projects within the central urban area. 样板街率先完成了架空线整治入地工作。 At the end of last year, six " model streets " such as Zhihengli, Lily Lane, Caolong Lane, Hengxiang, Yingxiao Lane, and Xin Nong Tang in Gusu District took the lead in completing the overhead line renovation work. 条,总里程240公里,入地率在50%左右;街巷1142条,总里程近300公里,入地率约10%At present, in Gusu District, there are 204 major and minor arterial roads involving overhead lines, with a total mileage of 240 kilometers, and the land occupation rate is about 50% ; there are 1,142 streets and lanes, with a total mileage of nearly 300 kilometers, and the land occupation rate is about 10% . 三年行动计划 ,今年将启动44条主次干道和100条支路街巷的架空线整治和入地工作,完成20条主次干道和平江片区及大公园片区60条街巷支路架空线整治。 According to the " Three-Year Action Plan " , the overhaul and entry of 44 main and secondary arterial roads and 100 branch roads and streets will be started this year, and 20 main and secondary arterial roads in the Hepingjiang area and 60 parks in the Grand Park area will be completed. Overhead road renovation.

The advertisements of the old streets are also closely related to the style of the ancient city. 店招广告的位置相当于人的眉线,抬头就看到。 户外广告的整治是苏州一直在推进的一项工作。 " The location of the shop advertisement is equivalent to the eyebrow line of a person, and you can see it when you look up. " The renovation of outdoor advertising is a task that Suzhou has been advancing. 多块广告牌,大多集中在中心城区。 Last year, our city rectified more than 5,900 billboards, mostly in the central city. This year, the city will further increase the rectification of outdoor advertising settings. 一张网运行的更新、维护以及协调、汇总;落实大型户外广告联席会议制度,规范有序推进大型户外广告行政许可工作。 The first is to do a good job of updating, maintaining, coordinating and summarizing the operation of the " one web " of administrative licensing matters; implement the large-scale outdoor advertising joint conference system, and regulate and orderly promote the large-scale outdoor advertising administrative licensing work. 清广告”“清城市家具双清综合整治,做好14.2平方公里以内及以外主次干道广告和店招标牌详细规划编制。 The second is to carry out comprehensive improvement of the city environment and " Qing advertising " and " Qing urban furniture " , and to make detailed plans for advertising and tenders for major and secondary roads within 14.2 square kilometers and beyond. In addition, comprehensive planning and upgrading of the landscape façades along Sanxiang Road, Daoqian Street, and Ganjiang West Road will be completed; and the standard of store recruitment, lighting, and public facilities in Guanqian Business Circle will be improved.

The old community of the elements of the ancient city:

Implementation of environmental improvement and improvement projects

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In the process of accelerating economic development and urban modernization, improving the living conditions of the masses and accelerating the transformation of old communities are practical projects that are well received by residents. 年起至今,姑苏区对175个小区实施了改造,涉及房屋4000多幢,惠及居民约14万户。 Since 2005 , Gusu District has renovated 175 communities, involving more than 4,000 houses, benefiting about 140,000 households. According to the "Three-Year Action Plan", this year, the city will also focus on the problems of weak infrastructure, insufficient functional support, and overpopulated residents in some old areas in the ancient city. The infrastructure gradually deteriorates with time, etc., and the continuous implementation of environmental improvement and improvement projects in old areas is continuously carried out. The living environment of the ancient city is continuously improved, and the content of protection and renovation is comprehensively enhanced. 年,我市将完成东方苑等四个小区环境改善提升,启动实施福星小区等三个小区综合整治和东中市49号等四个专项整治项目。 In 2019 , the city will complete the improvement of the environment of the four communities including Dongfangyuan, and start the implementation of the comprehensive renovation of three communities including Fuxing District and the four special renovation projects such as Dongzhong 49 .

In recent years, the installation of elevators in old residential quarters is a matter of concern for many residents, and the call for installing elevators in residential buildings in old residential quarters is getting higher and higher. 月底,形成《苏州市既有多层住宅增设电梯的实施意见(征求意见稿)》,并向社会公开征求意见。 After a number of special investigations, the city's housing construction department formed the "Implementation Opinions on Adding Elevators to Existing Multi-storey Residential Buildings in Suzhou (Consultation Draft)" at the end of October last year, and publicly solicited opinions. Shao Qing stated that following the implementation principles of construction and management such as "government guidance, voluntary owners, measures tailored to local conditions, and security", all eligible multi-storey houses can be equipped with elevators in accordance with planned conditions, but the prerequisite is to consider and Solve issues such as whether it has an impact on the structural safety of the original house, whether there are hidden fire safety hazards, whether it affects the original pipeline arrangement, and fund raising. Recently, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau has held a hearing on installing elevators in old communities to prepare for this work.

Ancient city element road:

Improve public transportation and build a transfer system

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The problem of traffic congestion in big cities is a worldwide problem. For the historical and cultural city of Suzhou, the roads in the ancient city are narrow in streets and lanes, high in density, and many bridges and curves.

How to adapt the ancient city roads to the new changes and requirements of urban development and vehicle travel?

In the "three-year action plan", the road improvement project around the ancient city is an important starting point to deepen the connotation of the ancient city's protection and renewal construction this year. 号线和穿越护城河隧道工程建设时序进度同步建设、同步完工。 At present, the nodes that have been started will cooperate with the rail transit line 5 and the construction schedule of the moat tunnel to synchronize and complete the construction. The city will also steadily advance the project progress of the Suzhan Road interchange parking lot, Donghui Park interchange parking lot, Donghui Park south-crossing moat tunnel and south bank landscape engineering, etc., effectively improve the traffic status of Humble Administrator's Park area, and improve the slow-moving of the ancient city The system stimulates the vitality of the ancient city, enhances the image of the ancient city, and creates a livable picture.

2021年)》,今年计划通过六个项目对23条街巷开展整治。 In addition, in combination with the "New Three-Year Action Plan for the Reconstruction of the Primary and Secondary Arteries in Gusu District ( 2019-2021 )", this year plans to renovate 23 streets through six projects. The first is to carry out comprehensive planning for the facades of Sanxiang Road and Daoqian Street in combination with environmental sanitation and improvement, and enhance the landscape effect along the street. Secondly, based on the comprehensive improvement of the surrounding environment of the ancient city river, the landscape improvement projects were carried out on Moxie Road, Panyu Road, Kushiro Road, and Nanmen Road along the ancient city river. The third is to create scenic management demonstration sites and demonstration streets. The fourth is to repair the facade of the eastern section of Shantang Street. 项目一期——干将东路立面整治。 The fifth is to carry out the first phase of the 931 project-the rectification of Ganjiang East Road. Sixth, carry out elevation renovation on Baita West Road and Xiyuan Road.


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